Question: What is Snap?

Answer: A new learning artificial intelligence for Dos and Windows based Computers.


Question: Where can I download it? How do I run it.

Answer: Go down to the bottom of the page and click on gina. Unzip to your hardrive and run the executable.


Question: What can I do with it right now? Does it really learn ?

Answer: YES. Tell it new things like, " I am human". Ask it things like "What am I? " or "Am I human?"


Question: Why is this website mostly text?

Answer: I spend more time programming my Ai than developing this website.


Question: Why are you programming this software?

Answer: I like to create new platforms. I want to work for a company with good people and resources on this objective.


Question: Who are you?

Answer: Well who's asking? At the bottom of the page, click on my email and introduce yourself. I like people.



Weekly News : Finished this quarters code structures. More debugging then I'll upload the latest build.



2003 1stQ - Temporal Memory, Associative Memory, Ontological Memory..................In Progress

2003 2ndQ - Audio IO, Speaker Independent Speech Recognition and Generation

2003 3rdQ - Web IO, HTTP, XML, Soap and .Net compatibility

2003 4thQ - Visual IO for desktops, Multi-Aspect User Interface, Spatial Memory

2004 1stQ - Visual IO for cameras, Proprioception, Mechatronic uploading

2004 2ndQ - Vacation to Paris with my better half. Should be nice that time of year

2004 3rdQ - Reproductive IO, Optimization and Random Mutations, Darwininan Selection

2004 4thQ - Source Code Review, Speed and Size Optimizations. Eternal Debugging

2005 1stQ - Episodic, Procedural and Temporal Preemptive Multithreaded Multitasking

2005 2ndQ - Security Structure. Emotional, Visual and Voice Pattern Authentication

2005 3rdQ - Operant Conditioned Proactive Learning. User Training and Usability Testing

2005 4thQ - More Debugging and a vacation with my woman to Hong Kong and maybe Japan

2006 1stQ - Development of Hive Server for spawning self-contained experienced drone.dat clients

2006 2ndQ - Development of Harvester for extraction and re-insertion of knowledge, skills and histories

2006 3rdQ - Multi-Lingual Development. Allow episodic module to bypass hardcoded skeletal semantic



To download the latest version of the Ai engine and gina.dat, right click on the link below and save it to your hardrive.




Comments or questions from: The curious, Scientists, Investors, Employers and anyone else can be emailed below